Anglican-Roman Catholic Theological Consultation in the United States of America (ARCUSA)

Ecclesiology and Moral Discernment (2014)

Ecclésiologie et discernement moral : À la recherche d’un témoignage moral unifié
Istina LX (2015), p. 277-302

Response to Mary: Grace and Hope in Christ (2007)

A Pastoral Guide for Understanding Our Two Churches (2007)

Response to "The Gift Of Authority" (2003)

Mary: Grace and Hope in Christ (2004)

Agreed Report on the Local/Universal Church (1999)

Five Affirmations on the Eucharist as Sacrifice (1994)

A Recommitment to Full Communion (1992)

Statement on the Ordination of Women (1975)

Doctrinal Agreement and Christian Unity: Methodological Considerations (1972)

Statement on the Eucharist (1967)

Documents on Anglican/Roman Catholic Relations (1972)

Guidelines for Marriages of Roman Catholics and Episcopalians in the Dioceses of Louisiana (1993)

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